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Why do you need a Chartered Accountants in Kent

At Clayton Stirling & Co , are Chartered Accountants in Kent based in Gravesend Kent. We help customers with all of their accounting needs. From Year to Year Accounts, to Tax Returns, to Bookkeeping, we have over 25 years of experience in helping businesses and individuals with their finances. 

Chartered Accountants in Kent

Chartered Accountants in Kent Clayton Stirling & Co

Why would you need an accountant for your business? Whether you are self-employed or run a large business, having an accountant has a number of benefits. We are Chartered Accountants in Kent with over 25 years of experience, based in Gravesend, but serving all of Kent. We offer a range of services including, Year-End Accounts, Tax Returns, VAT Returns & Bookkeeping, Tax Advice, Payroll & CIS Returns


1) Focus on what you do, let your accountant handle your finances

At Clayton Stirling & Co , we are specialists at what we do. We have over 25 years of experience so we are confident in what we do and we are confident we can help you with your finances. As a business, it’s important to focus on your business. So why waste time sorting your own accounts when we can do it for you. We can do it to a top professional standard to save you money in tax and time.

Hiring a good accountant will save you the pain of bookkeeping, PAYE, Tax Returns, and all the intricacies of the tax system. We will recommend improvements, how to save and better use your money

2) Help grow your cash flow 

Cash flow is extremely important to any business. We are chartered accountants based in Kent, and we can help manage your cash flow, as even large businesses can fail if they do not manage it well. Without proper cash flow you will not be able to grow your business and make important decisions. 

Hiring a professional accountant at Clayton Stirling & Co will ensure that you have good credit control and cash management policies in place so that you have all the possible funds and information available to you. When you have a good cash flow, it means you can invest in things that will grow your business as well as pay any expenses. 

Cash Chartered Accountants in Kent

3) Manage your business growth sustainably 

A business that is growing needs to have a solid financial foundation. A good accountant will help you in managing the requirements for funding, hiring the right team, managing cash flow,  improving customer relations, etc.  We can help you manage these areas with financial advice and advanced knowledge in tax obligations. 

Growing can come with its own issues, a sudden increase in employees, income, and funding. We can help you manage a sudden increase in business by keeping on top of the latest tax laws and making sure you are following all the rules.  

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4) Providing valuable business advice

With over 25 years of experience, we have dealt with our fair share of businesses. As a result, we have seen businesses from all walks of life and dealt with all kinds of issues. We can provide you with an unbiased view of your business. Warn you of potential risks and alert you to great opportunities. 

best accountants gravesend

5) Measure business performance with Chartered Accountants

Measuring performance is sometimes forgotten in business, setting objectives and measuring these against results such as customers acquired, revenue increased, complaints received, invoices are written off etc. can be key to determining if a business will succeed or fail. Almost 90% of startups fail because they fail to keep track of their key objectives and how the business is performing against these objectives. An accountant at Clayton Stirling & Co can help develop performance evaluations to get a company to understand it’s actual performance against the objectives it set for itself. Using these evaluations a business can understand its actual performance in terms of the indicators the business considers important for long term growth and sustainability.

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