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Why Use Clayton Stirling For Bookkeeping Gravesend

There are lots of accountants in and around Gravesend and Kent, but why choose Clayton Stirling as your chartered accountants? Bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services are a big part of what we do, and we are experts in the area. Clayton Stirling was established in 1873 to help businesses, just like yours, grow and achieve the success they deserve.

Bookkeeping services in Gravesend

Booking keeping is massively important for businesses small and large. It’s easy to take an accountant for granted when it comes to bookkeeping, but it’s often a vital part of a business. If you are looking for a new bookkeeper or you had a bad experience with your old one, then get in touch here. Why would you want to use Clayton Stirling for bookkeeping in Gravesend? You might want an accountant to look after your businesses day to day pressures, you might also want an accountant to help you balance your accounts at the end of the year. Clayton Stirling accounting in Gravesend can help you with all your accounting needs. Clayton Stirling Accounting offers accounting in Gravesend and our experience and expertise to many small and large companies across Kent. Our Accountants Gravesend helps a wide range of small businesses, including start-ups, independent contractors, limited liability companies, and owner-run businesses in many sectors.
Book keeping gravesend
Keeping track of transactions can be tricky

About Bookkeeping Services

“Bookkeeping is the systematic recording and organizing of financial transactions in a company” – Sumup The job of a professional bookkeeper is to keep on top of day-to-day financial transactions that flow through a business. It ensures that individual transactions are accurate and up to date, accuracy is very important. What does a bookkeeper actually do each day? Bookkeeping basically means keeping track of numbers in the financial part of the business. The transactions of a business might be:
  • Paying a supplier
  • Load Repayments
  • Customers invoice payments
  • Monitoring Assets and their value
  • Generating reports
Bookkeeping refers to specific tasks that are involved that keeps getting track of financial activities. It’s important to have a reliable bookkeeper for your business as a simple business can often get a lot more complicated when you add, more transactions, PAYE, Tax, loans, and investments.

Best practices for bookkeeping today

Traditionally bookkeeper was managed manually through ledgers, charts, and diaries but today there are lots of different technologies and software that make things easier. We use all of the latest technology, for bookkeeping in Gravesend. Including Xero, Quickbooks, Excel Spreadsheets, and any other software you might use. When you use Clayton Stirling for bookkeeping your work will be undertaken by qualified, experienced staff and you will have a partner as a point of contact for anything you need. We offer fixed fees that are affordable and can be tailored to each client’s individual needs, meaning you’re not charged by the minute! We aim for a two-week turnaround on Accounts and Tax Returns from receiving the information.

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